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Discover all the services available in our car parks.

Mobility related services

Car rental

Some partner car rental companies (Avis, Sixt, Europcar, Hertz, Enterprise...) are present in INDIGO car parks, especially near railway stations. This makes it easy to pick up and drop off your rental car .


INDIGO works with some carpooling services (Getaround, Ubeeqo, and Citiz), that allow you to book a vehicle with just a few clicks. Thanks to a box installed in the car, you can find it easily in the car park, as well as open and close the car directly with your smartphone.


In order to promote carpooling and shared mobility, INDIGO car parks are equipped with visible areas serving as meeting points.

Valet parking

At the drop-off of some train stations and airports, you can book a valet service. They will take care of collecting your car and parking it for you. When you return, you pick up your vehicle at the same location.

Dynamic parking guidance system

Thanks to light emitting diodes, spot the available parking spaces at a glance. The dynamic parking guidance system helps you to stay focused on your driving and park quickly and safely.

License plate recognition

To improve traffic flow, most INDIGO car parks are equipped with license plate recognition systems. By activating the "On-demand" service of Indigo Neo, you no longer need to take a ticket, the gate will open automatically and you will receive your invoice by email at the end of your parking session.


About twenty INDIGO car parks are equipped with Cyclopark service. They are secure parking spaces for bicycles, providing a wide range of services for users (maintenance and repair tools, battery charging, comfort space, etc...).
A Cyclopark subscription will soon be available on Indigo Neo. In the meantime, visit our INDIGO boutiques to see all the offers available.

Vehicle services

Car wash

No time to wash your car? Total Wash stations are available in INDIGO car parks. You can have your car pampered while you're shopping, for example.

Tire pressure

You can check your tire pressure in INDIGO car parks. Take advantage of self-service tire pressure meters and check your tires for safe driving.

Air for tires

Properly inflated tires mean better safety. This is why air-filling stations for bicycles and cars are available in INDIGO car parks.


Located in some car parks, INDIGO boutiques provide batteries if your vehicle does not start . You can leave the car park carefree.

Charging station

Many INDIGO car parks are now equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. T2 and T3 type sockets deliver 7 kVA of power, allowing you to recharge your vehicle in 4 hours.
The charging stations are compatible with cards of all operators (including Alizé, Chargemap or Izivia).
The subscription to the recharge service will soon be available on Indigo Neo. In the meantime, visit our INDIGO boutiques to see all the offers available.

Personal services

Remote operation

Available 24/7, INDIGO staff act quickly when a problem is encountered in car parks.
If you initiate a call or if an alarm is activated, the remote operation service provides immediate asistance. An emergency team may also be dispatched to the site if necessary.

Parcel relay

Spaces to collect your packages (Amazon Locker, Pickup and Rexel) are available in INDIGO car parks. This limits the number of journeys for delivery drivers and allows you to retrieve your order whenever you want, 24 hours a day.

All the services available in INDIGO car parks. Please note that some car parks do not have these services.

The most frequently
asked questions

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What happens if I arrive early or leave the car park after my booking is finished?

Do not worry, we know that traffic in urban areas can be eventful.
You can therefore arrive at any time before your booking and stay after the end of it without being blocked. However, any additional time you spend before or after the reserved period will be charged to you at the current public rate and will be added to your original bill.
The booking does not adapt according to your arrival and departure times, there is no possible refund of an unused part of the pre-paid booking.
This is a pre-payment for a defined time range on a defined date. You are entitled to the discount offered for the entire time range, defined by the start and end times chosen in your original booking.

I left the car park but my session is still in progress, what should I do?

Click on the "Create a request" button at the bottom of the page, then select the screen: "I have a question regarding..." \"a booking"\ "I left the car park but my session is still in progress".
Log in with your Indigo Neo profile, fill in your license plate and the dates / times / car park involved, then send us the email.

Please note that this only applies to hourly sessions started with On-demand access or for overtime before or after a booking.

I made a booking for a vehicle, and I will finally park with another vehicle, is it possible?

A booking is linked to the license plate of the vehicle it is associated with.
If you have made a booking for vehicle A and you finally want to park with vehicle B, you must cancel your booking (up to one hour before your booking start time) and hen take a new one with the license plate of the vehicle you are going to use for the booking.

Can I use Indigo Neo with a rental car?

Of course! Just add the license plate to your customer account, but make sure to add a rental end date for this vehicle.
To do this, go to "My Account" then "My vehicles", you can edit an existing vehicle or add a new one. On the page of the relevant vehicle, use "Rental or for sale vehicle" and then indicate the date and time of the end of the rental or the date of sale. The vehicle will be automatically deleted from your account on this date.

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